Fire is powerful, but so are the team members of the New York City Fire Department. Through prevention, planning and practice, they work tirelessly to battle fire—sometimes long before a fire ever starts.

The power of fire demands specially designed equipment that the firefighters keep impeccably maintained and ready to go.
[Team Members]

No one can battle fire on their own—it demands that the firefighters work as a team. Learn about the specialized jobs each team member performs.

[Race to the Fire]

Fire isn't just powerful—it's fast, too. Ride along with an FDNY engine company, and learn just why it's important to clear the road for a fire truck that's racing to the scene.

[A Day in the Life]

Firefighters don't spend every moment battling fire, but their entire day is spent—in some way—preparing for fire's awesome power. Get a behind-the-scenes look at a firefighter's day.


Battling fire is both dangerous and exhausting, as can be witnessed on the faces of firefighters after they've extinguished a blaze.